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Saturday, October 30, 2010

FLAGS in National Anthems and Patriotic Songs, Part III

Many National Anthems and Patriotic Songs have/had in the text "Flag reference", but only a few have been found space in postage stamps and/or on other philatelic items. Stamps depicting National Flag is not that difficult  to find but combination of  "National Anthem and Flag " is very seldom found. I am  therefore, constrained to put at many places only the "Flag  on stamp" .

"God Bless Anguilla" Words & Music by: Alex Richardson Adopted: 1981
 “….Let truth and right
our banner be
We'll march ever on…”

The "Hino dos Açores" (Hymn of the Azores). The original song was composed by Joaquim Lima circa 1890s. Azorean poetess Natália de Oliveira Correia composed the lyrics for the anthem adopted in 1980.
 “.... Ahead! In communion,
For our Autonomy.
Liberty, justice and reason
Are lit up in the lightning
Of the Flag that guides us

The Comoros
"Udzima wa ya Masiwa" (The Union of the Great Islands) the anthem adopted in 1978. Words by Saïd Hachim Sidi Abdérémane Music by Saïd Hachim Sidi Abdérémane and Kamildine Abdallah

  State of Comoros (1976-1978):Federal & Islamic
Republic (!978 - 1992): New Flag adopted in 2008
 The flag is flying,
Announcing complete independence;
The nation rises up
Because of the faith we have
In this our Comoria….

The flag is flying.
From the Sixth of July
The Nation rises up;

 Kampuchia (Cambodia)
Dap Prampi Mesa Chokchey, (Glorious Seventeenth of April) was the national anthem of Democratic Kampuchea from 1976 to 1979.
  Hurrah for the new Kampuchea,
A splendid, democratic land of plenty!
We guarantee to raise aloft and wave the Red Banner of the revolution.
We shall make our motherland prosperous beyond all others,
Magnificent, wonderful!
Quisqueyanos Valientes (Valiant Quisqueyans) is the national anthem of the Dominican Republic. Its music was composed by José Rufino Reyes Siancas, and its lyrics were written by Emilio Prud 'homme

The song
begins with;  Valiant Quisqueyanos, let us raise …. Let our banner be displayed in its glory, with unvanquished glory”, and goes on : “let's show to the face of the world our undefeated, glorious flag…….and if an unattended leader the splendor of these glorious events could ignore, One has seen in Capotillo in the war. The flag of fire wave……..And the fire that lets the proud lion Of Castilla become stupefied, removes him from the glorious beaches where the crossed banner waves.

Djibouti (Former French Somaliland)
The Djibouti national anthem was adopted upon independence in 1977. Written by Aden Elmi. The melody was composed by Abdi Robleh.
 Arise with strength! For we have raised our flag,
The flag which has cost us dear
With extremes of thirst and pain.
Our flag, whose colours are the everlasting green of the earth,
The blue of the sky, and white, the colour of peace;
And in the centre the red star of blood.
Oh flag of ours, what a glorious sight!

El Salvador
"Himno Nacional de El Salvador written by General Juan José Cañas with music composed by the Italian Juan Aberle in 1856, adopted in 1879, and officially recognized by the government on December 11, 1953.

“Our defense lies where strong iron is shielding,
Firm against beaches of faith and all shame,
Since the day when our country unyielding
Wrote in blood on our flag  freedom’s name”.

(To be Continued)


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