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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Gems of Indian Flag Stamp Essays

 Gems of Indian Flag Stamp Essays

L.N. Williams in his “Fundamentals of Philately”, published by the American Philatelic Society, Pennsylvania, 1990, defines; “Essays” are (printed) designs proposed but not adopted as proposed.

 The proposed but never used postage stamps of Azad Hind Government (Nationales Indien). Indian National Army (INA) was so sure of its triumph that it printed postage stamps for Azad Hind. The stamps printed in 1943 at Reichsdruckerei, Berlin, Germany were designed by the team consisting of Werner and Maria von Axter-Heudtlass. The stamps were meant for use in Free India (Azad Hind) after the liberation of India. Three types or colour trials (?) of semi-postal stamps in the denominations of ‘1R + 2R’ are known to exist. According to S. A. Ayer, former minister of publicity of the Provisional Government of Azad Hind, ‘Under Netaji’s specific instructions a number of designs for stamps to be issued in the name of Azad Hind were prepared. Many of the designs were personally approved by Netaji.’  In 1988, Biren Roy, Member of the Parliament (MP)  said, ‘I have spoken to Colonel of the INA Prem Saigal who was Netaji’s private aide-de-camp in the Far East. He stated that the stamps were printed under the orders of Netaji Bose in Germany.’ Source; “Azad Hind” and “Chalo Delhi” Stamps by Herbert A. Friedman, Published by Jal Cooper,1972.

 India 1947 Flag Stamp Essay (imperforate block of four), first appeared in the 59th Specialised Public Auction Sale ; 8th & 9th November 1997, by Sukhani Europhil Ltd, Calcutta. (The item was later withdrawn from the auction sale).

On 28 January 2014, an auction was held in London by Spink, the first item on the auction list was the 1947 Independence 11/2 a. Flag Stamp Essay- an imperforate pair. Source; Stamps Today, January-February 2014, New Delhi. 
Erstwhile Princely State of Hyderabad

  Hyderabad: 1947 Essays prepared in anticipation of the Commemoration of Hyderabad’s Independence; however these stamps were never issued as Hyderabad became part of India. The complete set of four stamps include 4 pies green & yellow depicting transport symbols, the 8 pies purple & yellow depicting the proposed flag of the Independent State of Hyderabad,  the 1 anna yellow & green depicting the map of Hyderabad and the 2 annas yellow-orange depicting head gear ”Dastor”. An extremely rare and important complete set of which less than 10 sets are in private hands today. These four stamps are a testimony to the fact that Hyderabad may have become an independent country and not belonged to India after 1947. Source: Todywalla Auctions; Electronic Stamp Auction – 1, conducted by Art & Antique Décor, Mumbai.

India Postage Stamp Centenary 1854-1954 Essays on watermarked paper.