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Friday, November 11, 2011

National Flag of the UAE

As the UAE has already started 40 days countdown celebrations for their 40th National Day, I approached my friend Kenneth Sequeira who is an ardent philatelist and resident of the UAE to contribute an article on the National flag of the UAE which he with his usual humility has accepted the proposal. Here goes the First Installment of his five parts article on the UAE Flag.

Part I - Introduction

On the occasion of the 40th National Day of UAE (2nd Dec 2011), I (Kenneth Sequeira)
would like to wish all my Emirati friends & the people of UAE on this joyous moment.

The flag of the United Arab Emirates was adopted 
on December 2, 1971.
It contains the Pan-Arab colors red, green, white and black, which symbolize Arabian unity. In addition the individual colours have the following meanings:
Green: Fertility, White: Neutrality, Black: Oil wealth and Red: blood+sword