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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Flag Costumes & Bikinis" - Flagging Spirit or Flagging Down Sacred Symbols ?

"Our problem is we take ourselves too seriously. Not only does our dispensation impose patriotism, it defines, redefines and dos-and-don'ts it too. Now it is illegal for the common Indian to fly the Tricolour atop his roof, now it's not...... Now you get sued for wearing the National Flag at a fashion show, now you can wear it as long as it's not below the waist (belt)....."  writes Viny Mishra, The Times of India (August 27,2005).

 During 1960-70s, it was compulsory to play the National Anthem Flag Film, now it's not.

Indian Flag Code (Don'ts) stipulates "No Flag below the belt".

Predecessors of the bikini date toantiquity, in Çatalhöyük and the Greco-Roman world.  Art dating from the Diocletian period (286–305 AD) in Villa Romana del Casale, Sicily depicts women in skimpy garments resembling bikinis in mosaics on the floor. The images of ten women, dubbed the "Bikini Girls", exercising in clothing that would pass as bikinis today are the most replicated mosaic among the 37 million colored tiles at the site (source; Wikipedia)
Gilded statue of Roman Goddess Venus found in Pompeii, currently in the Museo Archeologico in Naples.(wikipedia)

Micheline Bernardini wearing the first modern bikini, 1946. which caused a sensation at a beauty contest at the Molitor swimming pool in Paris. Designer Louis Reard was unable to find a 'respectable' model for his costume and the job of displaying it went to 19-year-old Micheline Bernardini, a nude dancer from the Casino de Paris. She is holding a small box into which the entire costume can be packed. Celebrated as the first modern bikini. (wikipedia)
It is strange to see the British-India blue ensign (?) in the poster in place of Free India's Tricolour - the orange-white-green.Third row from the top at extreme left. India were invited in 1950 Jules Rimet Cup (World Cup) Football Tournament, but did not participate, due to inadequate foreign exchange reserves, the long journey by ship and the problem of bare-footed players.

Uruguay, 1951
Japan, 2010


Great Britain (from where most of our laws have been evolved or adapted) has no Flag Code at all and there are some people of other countries who are horrified at the familiar way with which the British treat their Flag, the Union Jack.
In the United States, one of the most commonly ignored and misunderstood aspects of the Flag Code is section 8. "The flag should never be used as wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery." Section 3 of the Flag Code  defines a flag for the purposes of the code. It clarifies the definition to include any picture or representation of the flag purporting to be of the flag of the United States of America. Therefore T-shirts, or other apparel made of or containing a representation of the flag are in violation of the code.
Although the Flag Code is U.S. Federal law, it is only binding on government institutions displaying the flag: there is no penalty for a private citizen or group failing to comply with the Flag Code and it is not widely enforced—indeed, punitive enforcement would conflict with the First Amendment right to freedom of speech Flag Desecration Amendment would overrule legal precedent that has been established.

Mark Spitz in his Flag Speedo
Mark Andrew Spitz  (USA) won seven gold medals at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games.


Peruvian model and dancer Leysi Suarez, in order to celebrate the 187th anniversary of Peru's independence from Spain, rode naked astride a beautiful brown horse wearing nothing but a look of stern patriotic pride - and using the Peruvian flag as a saddle. But instead of acclaim and adulation, Leysi faced political uproar and criminal charges for modelling on the provocative cover of DFarandula magazine."I haven't committed a crime!" Leysi protested. "I love Peru and show it with my body and soul!".

Aussie flag burnt in India over bikini controversy
10 May, 2011
Australian swimwear brand Lisa Blue has pulled bikinis bearing the image of Hindu goddess Lakshmi out of production after protesters in India burnt the Australian flags in response to the garments.
 Singapore Polo Team's Trunks "Inappropriate" !!!!!!!! 

Singapore rebuked its national water polo team for wearing swim trunks that feature a likeness of the city-state's flag. 

The trunks, which were designed by members of the men's team in the Asian Games in Guangzhou, China, show the flag's white crescent moon jutting up from the groin area with five stars to the side on a red background.

"Unfortunately the team did not seek our advice on the use of the crescent moon and stars when they designed their swim trunks," the Information Ministry said in a statement. "We would have told them that their design is inappropriate as we want elements of the flag to be treated with dignity."
The ministry, which normally evaluates the use of the flag on uniforms on a case-by-case basis, declined to specify which part of the design was objectionable.
The trunks sparked a controversy in the local media and on Internet message boards, with some offended by the use of the national flag while others were amused at the furor.
At the F(L)AG End let's see what more is stored for us !!! 

Nine Australians jailed in Malaysia for 'flag underpants' stunt.

 Nine Australian revelers at Malaysia's Formula One racing circuit have been jailed after stripping down to reveal "underpants" featuring Malaysia's national flag.


The first look of the poster of the Hindi movie ‘Dirty Politics’ made it to the news in 2015. It showed the actress sitting on top of a government car against the backdrop of the Rajasthan State Legislative Assembly wearing nothing but a drapery imitating the tricolours of the Indian NF.
'Dirty Politics' - a movie allegedly based on the Bhanwari Devi murder and rape case in which a former Congress Minister was convicted. High Courts in Hyderabad and Patna issued notices to the actress and the film’s producer on PILs against the obscene use of the Indian Tricolour. It was alleged that they had intentionally insulted the National flag.


  1. How can we educate the people of the world the importance of one's NationalFlag.
    Each Individual has his own likes and dislikes, some take pride in doing something while others shun-away.
    We all have our affinities between our entities !!
    And the mentality of man always on the run growing out of something "What was a taboo yesturday is nothing today" Is it because man is constantly evolving *For the Good or for the Bad
    We have all found out ways of doing things simplified everything -Each aspect has its own vices § Like the saying goes 'Every action has its reaction' Now a days we are accountable even
    the actions conspired mentally.The seed of the consequences are sown there first and we never know the out come till it really happens.

  2. It is better not to use flags of a country in garments or in other places that might provoke national sentiment. I strongly oppose it ...Being an Indian, I think we should be proud of our heritage and should uphold it with dignity.