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Monday, November 8, 2010

FLAGs in National Anthems and Patriotic Songs, Part- VI

Today, I shall discuss the reference of 'Flag' in the anthems of Ireland, Jordon, Kyrgyzstan and Lebanon, the famous popular song dedicated to the flag of Japan, "Hi No Maru" and a prophetic song which predicted the Jews colours long before even State of Israel came into being.
  "Amhrán na bhFiann" (The Soldiers' Song) is the national anthem of Ireland. The music was written in 1907 by Peadar Kearney, who also composed the music with Patric Heeney. but the song was formally adopted as National Anthem in 1926 displacing the earlier Fenian anthem 'God save Ireland'.

"Sinne Fianna Fáil..."
Soldiers are we...
In valley green, on towering craig,
Our fathers fought before us
And conquered ’neath the same old flag
That’s proudly floating o’er us

Hatikvah  (The Hope) is the national anthem of Israel. The anthem's theme revolves around the nearly 2000-year-old hope of the Jewish people to be a free and sovereign people in the Land of Israel, a national dream that would eventually be realized with the founding of the modern State of Israel in 1948

Interestingly, more than three decades before the First Zionist Congress, in 1864 the Bohemian-Austrian poet Ludwig August Ritter von Frankl , a Jewish himself published a poem titled Juda’s Farben (Judah’s Colors). 
Frankl was the first person in modern times who voiced the idea that ‘Blue and White’ as the national flag colours of the Jewish people. His visionary (prophetic) poem was translated into flowery Hebrew entitled Hahavatzelet (The rose of Sharon) and was first published in 1878.

 When sublime feelings his heart fill,
He is mantled in the colours of his country
He stands in prayer, wrapped
In a sparkling robe of white.
The hems of the white robe
Are crowned with broad stripes of blue;
Like the robe of the High Priest,
Adorned with bands of blue threads.
These are the colours of the beloved country,
Blue and white are the borders of Judah;
White is the radiance of the priesthood,
And blue, the splendors of the firmament.”

Hinomaru (The Rising Sun) is the name of Japanese national flag and also the popular Japanese patriotic 'Flag Song' penned by Taisuyuki Takano and the  Music was composed by Teiichi Okano.
  Red on white
Flag is dyed
Oh beautiful
Japanese flag .

and goes on;
Sky High
Japanese flag raised
Oh beautiful
Japanese flag

Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (Al Mamlaka Al Urduniyya Al Haschimiyya). The Royal anthem of JordanAl-Salam al-Mamlaki al-Urduni” was adopted in 1946. The lyrics were written by Abdul Monem Al-Refai. The music was composed by Abdul Qader al-Taneer.

"Long live the King!

His position is sublime,

His banners waving in glory supreme".

The National Anthem of the Kyrgyz was adopted on 18 December 1992. The music was composed by Nasyr Davlesov and Kalyi Moldobasanov, and the words were written by Djamil Sadykov and Eshmambet Kuluev
                                "Dreams of the people came true,
And the flag of liberty is over us.
The heritage of our fathers we will
           Pass to our sons for the benefit of people".

The Lebanese National Anthem “Al –Lahan al-Watani al-Lubani” was written by Rashid Nakhle and composed by Wadih Sabra. It was adopted on July 12, 1927. 
   The anthem begins “All of us! For the country, for our Flag and Glory !” And continues :

The Cedars are his pride, his immortality's symbol.
All of us! For our Country, for our Glory and Flag!
(Note;  Cedar tree is the chief emblem of Lebanese Flag)
 (to be continued)

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