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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Quest for a Flag for India as told through stamps

This is a new blog being created to share my research on the evolution, adoption, uses, and abuses, of our National Flag. I shall also place here from time to time different interesting anecdotes on hitherto unknown or may be known to only serious flag historians (factually, there are very few of them).
Collecting these little known facts about flags is my passion. The quest for flag histories had its beginning for the write-ups of my stamp collections related to various types of flags only. Albeit,the primary thrust shall be on Indian flags, but interesting, anecdotes on flags of other countries, as well as various other flags like,Flags at Sea, Military Flags, International Flags, as well as, the Banners of various religious groups shall also be placed here.I am sure this blog will soon be a veritable storehouse for anybody interested in Flags and relevant flag-stamps.I shall be glad if my friends join me in sharing their knowledge on this subject for the benefit of all.
Let me know begin with what to say about the origin of present Indian Tricolour, popularly known in India as 'Tiranga' or less popularly Chakra Dhvaja (Wheel flag).According to Late Dr. Suniti Chatterjee (National Professor)There was no ancient flag or banner whether of Hindu or Muhammadan times, which India could think of for adoption as the flag of India.Imperial or local princely houses had their standards,e.g. the Garuda Standard of the Imperial Gutas. But even when nearly the whole of India was united under the Mauryas in the 3rd century B.C. and the Mughols in the 17thcentury A.C. no national flag or crest seems to have been thought of. India was never physically a nation militante, and so there was no need of a national symbol to rally round, in opposition to other countries. Besides, the political unity of India that the Indians were then conscious of was an entirely new thing. Therefore, in the late nineteen century when the national leaders in India were fired with the spirit of reasserting country's independence they felt the need of a truly Indian flag.There were many many tentative essays at flag making.


  1. Nice to see a specialized Blog on Flag Stamps. It's very informative !

  2. Thank you, Jyoti.
    Please correct me when you find mistakes, I am still not very comfortable with computer. Yes,I shall endeavor to share flag histories through stamps.