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Monday, March 25, 2013

The National Flag of Bangladesh

26th  March, Independence Day (Shadhinata Dibôsh) of Bangladesh. The day commemorates the country's declaration of independence from Pakistan on late hours of 25 March 1971. The day is a memorial to the deaths of thousands of civilians who died for their own Mother Language in erstwhile East Pakistan.

  Issue Date: 29-07-1971

Designer: Biman Mallik
Printer: Format International Printing Press, U.K. 
 The  flag of Bangladesh  used during the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971.

The map was later deleted in 1972 from the flag. The Red disc represents the sun rising over the Golden Bengal (Soner Bangla), recalls the blood of those who died for the independence of Bangladesh. The Green field may have been inspired by its association with Islam but in the flag the colour stands for the lushness of the land of Bangladesh.  The flag is said to have been designed by Serajul Ilam, whose name means “Light of the Flag”.

Indian stamp issued on 10 April 1973, in commemoration of the inauguration of the first Parliament on 26-3-1971, which gave itself a constitution on 16 December 1972. The stamp shows its National Flag with the Shapla - the National Flower of Bangladesh.

  Bangladesh in United Nations

Bangladesh joined the UN in 1974



  Freedom is heralded by hoisting of a new national flag. Inclusion of that flag in front of the UN building in New York is the symbolic equivalent of being recognized as a real country.  (The Indian National Flag unfurled through Philately (Niyogi Books, p.107).

Bangladesh National Day and Anniversary of Independence