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Thursday, October 11, 2012


 The book is now available online with;

 I request all my philatelist friends to buy one copy each of the book, something entirely original and brilliantly illustrated to know the rich history and many hitherto untold stories of the Indian national flag a symbol of belongingness and our heritage.

The inaccuracies/typographical mistakes
Page 30 >  line 29 > in place of > Jean Baptiste Travernier >  read > Jean Baptiste Tavernier
Page 44 >  line 10 > in place of > daily Jugantar >  read > Weekly Jugantar                                     Page 52> line 3 >. in place of> for the revolution of our…. > read > for the vindication of our….
Page 61 > last line
> in place of > Lucknow session in 1940 > read > Lucknow session in 1937
Page 91 > line 19
> delete > 
B.K.Sidwa                                                                                                    Page 136 > line 7 > in place of 1923 > read > 1935                                                                          Page 155 > line 1 >  in place of > Agarwala, S.Vasudev > read > Agrawala, S. Vasudeva                    Page 169 > line 38 > delete > B.K.Sidwa

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