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Tuesday, September 11, 2012



The Indian National flag flies among those of other countries in the  stamps displayed below.  Were you proud of your country? Can you identify the Indian Tricolour flag?  If yes, let us know – there is a Prize for each of the correct answers. To claim the Prize - your answer should reach us first.
Give a try, and, in the event, you can’t spot your flag or you are not sure enough -  don’t feel shy, be rest assured that your FLAG is there in the midst with other friendly Nations’ Flags. 
         50th Anniversary of the ILO -1969
The set of three Dominican stamps bordered by Flags of member-nations of the ILO. There are a total of sixty (60) Flags. Possible clues are given in ink. You have only to say whether the clues are right or wrong!

The International Labour Organization (ILO) emerged with the League of Nations from the Treaty of Versailles in 1919. It was founded to give expression to the growing concern for social reform after World War I, and the conviction that any reform had to be conducted  at an international level. In 1946, the ILO became the first specialized agency associated with
the newly formed United Nations Organization. On its 50th anniversary
in 1969, ILO was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Czechoslovakia issued two stamps to honour the PRAGA-1962 World Stamp Exhibition. My friend Mr Kenneth Sequeira from Dubai writes, “The first World Stamp Exhibition - PRAGA 1962 - was held in the year of the 75th anniversary of organised philately in Czechoslovakia under the slogan "For Friendship between Nations and to Strengthen Peace on Earth." It took place from 18 August to 2 September 1962 in the Industrial Palace (Congress Palace) and in the then quite new Brussels Pavilion in the Prague Exhibition Centre (then called the Julius Fučík Culture and Leisure Park)”.

 1) 30h. Czech stamp - India flag is 1st flag from the right on the last row under the Japan Flag

2) 5 Kcs. Czech stamp - India flag is behind the China flag & near the French Flag.  

(YOU have to just confirm to win the Prize)

 Tokyo Asian Games – 1958

 Only a total of twenty (20) Asian Nations participated in the 3rd Asian  Games held in Tokyo. Flags of the participating nations fly proudly in front of the main stadium. 
 Closing Ceremony of the XXIV Olympiad, Seoul 1988


Albania celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1945-1995

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