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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

FLAG POND Post Office, Tennessee. And. Death Spiral of America's Mail System

 This is further to my post titled "FLAG CITIES OF THE USA"  published in this column on September 2,2011.
My friend Mr.Tony Mion and Madame Dorothy Mion visited Flag Pond in October 8, 2011 and made it a point to get a post mark from the 'Flag Pond Post Office' which is now fighting for its own survival along with another 3700 post offices in the US on the nationwide chopping list.
 Madame Dorothy Mion in Flag Pond Post office on October 8, 2011.talking to postal worker, Cathy Shelton, who was very kind and accommodating.
The Flagpond post office is located at the beginning of Rice Creek Road, where Dorothy Mion was born and raised, about a mile up the road from there but, the community of Flagpond is a very rustic, rural, small hamlet tucked in the Appalachian mountains of northeastern Tennessee, on the border of the state of North Carolina. There is not much industry there and the populace mainly makes it's living with their fruit orchards and other agricultural means.
Below are some News paper reports and articles on Flag Pond Post Office collected and sent by Mr Tony Mion, a senior citizen of Columbia Station, Ohio.
The Home Place - A Special Supplement of the Erwin Record- May 10, 2011, Page 22.
The Erwin Record, dated August 23,2011
The Erwin Record, August 2,2011
And finally an article published in The Telegraph, Calcutta on November 21, 2011


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