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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Birds on Flags, Part - II

Continued from previous Post.
 We have seen Burma (Myanmar) had a flag which showed "Peacock" emblem. The Imperial Mauryas (3rd. century BC) of India had the "Peacock" as their emblem as it was their totemistic bird. Sri Lanka on the other hand also issued a set of four stamps showing Ancient Flags of Sri Lanka. One of the stamp shows "Peacock Flag" of the Walapane Diswa dynasty. Here the Peacock can be seen holding a snake in its beak.
Modern Mexico also adopted the ancient Aztec symbol of an Eagle holding a snake in its beak standing on a nopal cactus. The striking similarity of the themes of both the ancient Sri Lanka's and modern Mexican flags are baffling.
 The Bald Eagle became the National symbol of the USA in 1782 when the great seal of the US was adopted (first conceived by Charles Thomson). The Bald Eagle is the single most prolific symbol in America, it represents unlimited Freedom. There are several Federal/State agencies in the US who have placed Bald Eagle in their flags.


 State flags of the USA having Bald-eagle emblem.
Bald-headed American Eagle on the US Coast Guard Ensign.

Pelican is the state emblem of Louisiana (US). The Pelican in the flag is nourishing its young on blood from its own breast, signifying self sacrifice.

In the third quarter of the shield emblazoned on the flag of Fiji is a "Dove with a sprig of olive" in its beak.

Personal flag of HM Queen Elizabeth II  for use in Australia.
The "White Backed Piping Shrike" at the bottom left quarter representing South Australia, while the "Black Swan" in the next represent Western Australia. 
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