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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Indian Flag on Foreign Stamps & Postal stationery, Part - 2


                   Country                Year                No. of Stamp               Denomination                    Remarks

             Australia              2006                  1                                  50 c               Commonwealth Games

  Bhutan                   1997                 2+MS              7 NU, 10 NU                INDEPEX-97

 Comoros                 1991                 1+MS                       150 F          Gandhi Commemoration

Congo                     1992                   1+MS                     175F             M. L.King & Gandhi

             Cuba                    1997                 1                            15c                50th Annv. of Independence,

Djibouti                   1998               1                             250 Fd           50th death Annv of Gandhi,

Dominica                 1969                1                              30 C                          ILO

Gabon                     1998               1                        260 F                    50th death Annv of Gandhi,

Kenya                   1969                 4         1.20, 3.40, 5.50 & 7.70     Nehru Cent.- Tricolour logo,

Liberia                     1989              1                    45 C                        Nehru Cent.- Tricolour logo,

Nicaragua             1997                  2              $3.0, $9.0                  Flag logo, Ind.50th Annv

Russia                      1997              1               500 K                       Flag logo, Ind. 50th Annv.

St. Kitts                   2007               1+MS       $ 3 x4 (MS)                 100 years of Scouts

Tchand                    1997                3+MS       150 f x 3                  50th. Annv. of  Independence,

 United Kingdom    1969              1                 1/6                               Gandhi Centenary,

Uzbekistan              2006             1                 45s                          15 years of Independence

Vietnam                   1989             2           300 d, 600 d                       Nehru Centenary, 

INDIAN  NATIONAL  FLAG  on Miniature Sheet (but out side the main stamp design) or on Sheet  Margin of Stamps

  Antigua & Barbuda       2007             1(MS), $4x3              100 years of Scout
  Fiji                                           1981                        1(MS),60 c        Commonwealth Parliamentary onf
  Japan                                      2007                      Se-tenant ,Sheet Margin        India-Japan Friendship
  Liberia                                                             Se-tenant sheet Margin     Philatelic tour of the world
            Maldives                              2005                        1(MS), Rf. 25                     20 years of SAARC
            New Zealand ++               2003                    1(MS), 40c + MS           50th Annv. Conquest of Mt. Everest
 Philippines                         2009                      Se-tenant,Sheet Margin    Indo-Philippines Dip. Relation
            South Korea                     1984                        1(MS)  5000w                  PHILAKOREA-84
  South Korea                      2003                       Se-tenant,SheetMargin        India-Korea Dip. Relation
  United Nations                  2009                      Personalized Sheet         Greetings from the UN
            Tajikistan                           1995                          1(MS),1500 s                50th. Anniv. of the UNO

Zam    Zambia                               1998                       1(MS) ,K.900x3                 Great sights of India

 You know for sure there is also the Indian Flag in this miniature sheet issued by Korea, but who can identify the flag?

POST MARKs ( Cancellation ) From Abroad Showing  INDIAN TRICOLOUR

              Country                                Place / Post Office          Date                                                      Occasion
Nepal                     Kathmandu                June 29, 2003                          Nepal-Bharat Friendship

Nepal                    Kathmandu                 Jan 25, 2004                              Nepal-Bharat Phil.Exbtn.

United Kingdom   British Forces 2213 P.S.    Oct 21, 1989                   Visit of Princes Alexandra

USA                        NewYork                           May 24, 1980               Asian Indians in North merica

USA                        Atlanta                       Jun 12, 1993                Annv. Of Conquest of Mt. Everest

USA                       Washington               Aug 15, 1997            50th  Annv. of Indian Independence

USSR                    Tashkent                     Jan 01, 1967                   Indo-Pak Peace Agreement

Bulgaria                  2004                        Postcard                L.30               Diplomatic relation with India
Pakistan                  2004                        Envelope             Rs. 4              12th. SAARC, Islamabad
San Marino             1984                        Postcard              L.400                     UPU
USSR                       1987                        Postcard                 4k                     Festival of India     


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