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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Quest for a Flag for India - Part II

It was perhaps, Raja Rammoha Roy(1772-1833) regarded as the 'Father of the Bengal Renaissance' or 'The Father of the Indian Nation', first thought of for a National Flag for India way back in 1831 during his voyage to England, seeing a French ship proudly wearing the French Tricolore he exclaimed "Glory, glory, glory!" and saluted the flag. May be, he inwardly yearned "When would India have her own Flag?"

 The cover was issued from Radhanagar Post Office, birth place of Raja Rammohan Roy, on his 150th death anniversary.

 It was Raj Narayan Bose (1826-1899) first suggested 'Lotus' to be our National symbol in his book "Bridhya Hindoo-r Asha" (An old Hindoo's Hope) written in 1888, inspired by an article published in The Liberal, an English news paper of those days. Raj Narayan Bose was Sri Aurobindo's maternal grand father. Bipin Chandra Pal (one of the trio of the famous Indian freedom fighters Lal, Bal & Pal fame) calls him the 'Grand Father of Indian Nationalism'.
(To be continued)


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